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Meet Deanna Kamal, Creator of “Collosphaera”

Deanna Kamal is a recent Masters of Fine Arts Graduate from the Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia. Her installation for the GlassCube@Hotel Indigo-Athens, entitled “Collosphaera”, is a lyrical interpretation of forms found in coral reefs featuring cascading curtains of laser cut polypropylene tied together in suspended conical spheres. Lit with color gels, this architectural environment is a hybrid of interior design and marine biology. Find out more about Deanna in this exclusive interview with Hotel Indigo-Athens blogger, Lauren Cleland.

Lauren Cleland (LC): Why are you an artist?

Deanna Kamal (DK): I do not consider myself an artist but I do like to explore various creative avenues.  Art has given me an outlet to change the way I think when I am doing more technical design work.  I think taking a more artful approach to design has allowed me to develop a system I am happy with that merges various concentrations and has the potential to create a greater impact than my design work alone.

LC: When did you first begin experimenting with art?

DK: I actually did not begin experimenting with art until the second year of my undergraduate program.  Believe it or not, my childhood dream was to become a marine biologist.  I met a friend in undergrad who was pursuing a degree in interior design, and I think I was just in the right place at the right time in my life.  I was intrigued enough to ask questions; those questions quickly turned into actions, and before I knew it I was spending my weekends in the studio.

LC: What does your art mean to you?

DK: I think art and design, for me, have become avenues to positively impact someone’s life in a creative way.  This could be as simple as momentarily bettering a person’s mood by creating a more appealing living and working environment.  Collosphaera, my MFA thesis work, evolved from my research on nature’s potential to positively impact the way we live and design.

LC: What inspires you?

DK: I find inspiration in prints and patterns, specifically those derived from nature and especially those found beneath the ocean’s surface.   I am equally inspired by people and how we successfully or unsuccessfully interact with our immediate surroundings.  I enjoy learning from observation and further using this knowledge to improve a user’s experience within a given space.

LC: If you could describe your artwork in two words, what would they be?

DK: Meticulous & Evolving

LC: What other interests do you have?

DK: I enjoy traveling and learning from other cultures and individuals’ stories.  I welcome the opportunity to take myself out of my comfort zone in order to better understand the needs or experiences of others.  I find that these experiences drive me to simplify my life further and to change the way that I think and inevitably the way I design.  My most recent adventure was to Mozambique where I was astounded by the level of resourcefulness and drive to reuse common materials that would oftentimes be discarded in the States. 

I also enjoy listening to music and playing guitar, although not very well, and am a huge fan of ice hockey and most extreme sports.

LC: What advice would you give to an artist?

DK: My advice to another artist would be to not limit yourself.  Allow yourself and your art to evolve, to grow and change and to not become intimidated by that change.  If you are passionate about what you are doing and have the discipline to pursue that change you can merge various areas of art and design in order to create a field that is unique to your strengths and desires.  And despite how cliché this may sound, don’t be afraid to fail because it is inevitable.  These failed attempts may serve as the catalyst for some of your greatest works.

"Collosphaera" by Deanna Kamal is on display NOW in the GlassCube@Hotel Indigo-Athens.



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Allison Schmitt makes us proud to be Georgia Bulldogs!

Allison Schmitt- Team USA Silver Medalist
Women’s 400m Freestyle

Allison Schmitt makes us proud to be Georgia Bulldogs!


Allison Schmitt- Team USA Silver Medalist

Women’s 400m Freestyle



"but now it’s a longboard…" by Jason Thraser

"but now it’s a longboard…" by Jason Thrasher. On display now in the Gallery@Hotel Indigo-Athens.



WARNING: CUTE PUPPY ALERT! Thanks to Online Athens for this great video piece about Canine Cocktail Hour at Hotel Indigo-Athens.



"Board in Space" by Ernesto Gomez

Place your bid on ”Board in Space” at “The Board Room” Auction, taking place at Hotel Indigo-Athens on September 9, 2012. Stay tuned for more information!



"Cloud Board" by Will Cullen Hart

“The Board Room” auction is only 46 days way! In the days leading up to the big auction, we’ll be featuring a skateboard each day. Mark your calendars because the September 9th skateboard auction at Hotel Indigo-Athens is going to be an event like no other! Follow us on Facebook for more info.


Today’s featured board is entitled “Cloud Board” by Will Cullen Hart. Will is a member of Olivia Tremor Control, an Elephant 6 collective band, playing at the GA Theater this Thursday. Find more information here.

We are so excited to have Shane & Sherry from the Shanghai International Studies University with us this week shadowing our staff! Here is Shane with our Catering Sales Manager, Abby Hicks. 

We are so excited to have Shane & Sherry from the Shanghai International Studies University with us this week shadowing our staff! Here is Shane with our Catering Sales Manager, Abby Hicks. 




Bella is a beautiful blue pit mix who weighs right around 55 pounds.

She is housebroken and crate trained. Bella also lives with another dog and she loves to play with him! She does best with dogs she knows well, and since she’s a big girl, dogs close to her size would be best so she doesn’t play too rough with them.

As far as people goes, she has never met a stranger! In fact, it is her goal to give everyone as big of a kiss as they will take every time she sees them! We are working to teach her to wait until asked for the kiss – like a proper young lady! Bella has also been in a home with very young kids, and we think she would be happier in a house with older kids. She wants to be everyone’s mother and gets a little nervous while trying to care for everyone in the house. With older kids, she will be great since they are more grown up!

Bella is a bit of a couch potato inside and a bit of an athlete when she’s outside! She will run and frolic outside and loves to go on walks – but inside, you usually just have to look to her dog bed to find her! She is always curled up and catching some z’s. Bella also loves to be petted and loved on – she won’t demand the attention, but will quietly walk to you and then lay her head in your lap once you start to pet her. And she will stay there all day if you let her!

One of Bella’s most endearing qualities is her “princess and the pea” moments. When she goes to her dog bed, sometimes she will root around for the longest time trying to get comfortable! It is adorable! Come meet her and see it for yourself – that and her big smile when she’s happy!

Find out more about Bella and other adoptable dogs at




Keira is a young lab mix  that will be around 40 pounds when she’s all done growing.

Like most young dogs from the shelter, Keira is learning housebreaking and crate training and is doing great with both! She will sleep through the night, but her foster brother, Micah, wakes her up sometimes and then they both go out. Not too much longer, and they will both be sleeping like babies all night long!

Keira is good with the cats in her house, and she is having a blast playing with Micah! She has the typical puppy energy and is doing well at burning it off on her own. She is taking a few short walks a day to get used to the leash and is doing well with some short training sessions too. Right now, she seems to have a good interest in the game of fetch.

She has shown herself to be a confident little girl, so if she lives with another dog, it would probably be best for her to be the boss.  Come meet Keira soon – she will probably roll right over for some belly rubs and then snuggle right up for some love!

Want to become Keira’s forever family? Visit for more information.