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Little Phil is a total clown with the most piercing hazel eyes! He is an active, energetic pup that LOVES to be with his people in the middle of the action. The foster home he currently lives in has dogs of all shapes and sizes and Phil has no idea that he is a little man. Running, chasing, and playing are some of his favorite activities. When he first meets a person or dog, he is shy but curious. He often barks just to show he is a tough chihuahua but he shows his sweet affectionate side within a few minutes. A person’s lap, in Phil’s opinion, is the best  place to be and he will quickly jump up the minute his people take a seat. Snuggling is another of his favorite activities and he will squirm and burrow until he gets everything just right and then he is totally content! This little guy is about 2 years old (and 11 pounds) so he is past the puppy craziness but still loves to kick up his heels and have a good time. He is completely house trained and walks beautifully on a leash. The crate is a good place for him but he really prefers the door to be left open so he can come and go as he pleases. Just like many small dogs, he barks when people come to the door or something new crosses his path but he quiets down quickly and easily. Overall, Phil a quiet guy that only shares his voice when he has something important to say(such as…. let me out of this crate or let’s play). Training is lots of fun with him because he really enjoys his food and will do whatever it takes to get that treat!  He is one of those dogs that can win over people that do not like little dogs because he has so much personality packed into his little round body. He really is the class clown that will keep you smiling and wondering why everyone does not have a busy, silly, goofy, charming little chihuahua just like Phil!

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JoJo is a very unique Chihuahua and irresistibly cute with his one blue eye – If you are looking for the perfect lapdog, then JoJo is your guy! He is happiest when he can be next to you, or right in your lap, but he can also have some play time where he throws his toys around or plays with the other small dogs in his house! The perfect combination!

He is very affectionate with his family and polite (but slightly shy) with strangers. He loves to be held and will stand on his back legs and wave his front paws begging to be picked up. He is a true ladies’ man and will make a bee-line for them to try to get picked up.

JoJo currently lives with another small dog, and he does great – very playful and energetic. He has met a few cats too and has been very respectful of them. He might even want to play! He is still working on housebreaking but is crate trained, so it’s been a breeze to train him!

Because of his size, JoJo would do best as an only dog, or with other small dogs to play with. He has met a few children but since he is so small, he would do best with older kids that know how tiny he is!

JoJo is very quiet (unlike most chihuahuas) and very rarely makes any noise. Like most chihuahuas, he gets very cold and prefers to wear his sweaters and coats during the cold weather. Once he is comfortable, he trots around like the king of the world. A little more confidence would go a long way for little JoJo. He’s used to be the smallest thing around and makes sure to make room for everyone else. With just a little more encouragement, he will soon learn how important and adorable he is!

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Cocoa is a tiny little pup that is sweet, loving, and completely devoted to her humans. She loves to sit in your lap or right beside you all the time. She is like a little shadow around the house, following her foster mom everywhere. She is housebroken and crate trained and gets a few short walks throughout the day. She’s great on a leash and doesn’t need to go too far. Cocoa is a bit shy around other dogs. She prefers to watch them from a safe distance, but once she knows them, she is just fine. Not all that playful, but doesn’t mind sharing her space at all! Her favorite is to play fetch with a little rope toy! She is also a little shy meeting new people, but will most definitely let everyone hold her – she is very affectionate but just needs a moment to warm up to you (typical Chihuahua). She loves to be held and petted and loves to roll over and have her tummy rubbed. Her cute underbite makes her look like she’s smiling all the time! And her twirling happy dance to welcome you home is sure to make you smile all the time too! She is a wonderful companion, wanting only to be with you and be loved. And her wonderful personality makes that very easy!

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Peaches is a 1 year old Chihuahua that weighs 8 ½ pounds.  If you are looking for a lap dog then Peaches is the dog for you!  Being in your lap is her favorite place to be.  If you’re busy, though, she’s content to curl up in a soft chair until you are available.  Peaches is tolerant of other dogs and is not intimidated by larger breeds.  She will play with dogs about her size for a short time, but she prefers her human companions.  Peaches likes to go on walks but is so excited to be out that she does pull on the leash.  If she’s walking with another dog, she wants to take the lead.  Peaches is perfecting her house-training and crate behavior.  She’s a little girl with lots of love.  Her name suits her because she’s a real peach!

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He’s Got Spunk!

Enzo is a spunky Chihuahua mix! He is a small little guy with a huge personality. Enzo enjoys playing with dogs of all sizes and will also hang with the kitties in his foster home. He is the perfect size to take everywhere with you! Do not miss out on this sweet boy. :)

Are you a spunky human in need of a pup with a matching personality? Then Enzo is the dog for you! Contact True Love Canine Rescue at (706)206-7127 or check out their website at for more information!