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Marcie is a red-headed hound mix and a petite 32 pounds. Marcie is a real go-getter even though she only has three legs! She’s our tripod dog! Marcie doesn’t let her leg hold her back one bit though. She can run like the wind and jump and play as well as any other teenage dog.

While she is a little shy with new people, she warms up quickly! She has also been very good with the older kids we have introduced her to. Marcie is very attentive to her foster mom and wants to please, so she learns quickly. She even has learned to ring a bell to let you know she needs to go out! She loves to be petted and scratched, but she isn’t pushy about getting them.

Marcie loves all animals – dogs and cats! Her new best friend is a two month old kitten. She’d be a great dog park dog (and probably the star of the park!) She is always looking to play, so if she lives with another animal, it would be best if they were up to the challenge. And since Marcie has lots of energy, she would do well to get at least one long walk every day.

Marcie is an incredible and happy dog that hasn’t let anything slow her down yet! Make plans to meet Marcie – you will be happy you did!

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Micah is hound mix puppy that is only around 8 pound right now, but he’ll grow to be 40-50 pounds!

He is coming right along with housebreaking and crate training. He’s got a good schedule going, and only wakes up his foster sister, Keira, once a night! Micah is a little shy around other dogs, but is very curious. He is great friends with Keira, so with just a little time to introduce himself, he will be fast friends with any dog! Around new people he is also a little shy. He wants to be close to people but is still a little shy about asking to be petted. We know that as soon as he learns that everyone wants to pet him, he won’t be so shy!

Micah has the normal amount of puppy energy, and plays quite a bit with Keira. As he grows, he will probably need more walks, etc to get rid of all the energy, just like any puppy.  He is learning all the basic commands, and learning puppy things as well – like toys are the only thing for chewing. The cutest thing about Micah is that he wags his tail so hard, it makes a loud thumping noise against his body! He almost was named Thumper because of it!

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‎Hotel Indigo Athens is thankful for all of YOU! We sincerely appreciate your ongoing support & patronage. We would be nowhere without our guests. For this, we humbly thank you.

Hotel Indigo Athens is thankful for all of YOU! We sincerely appreciate your ongoing support & patronage. We would be nowhere without our guests. For this, we humbly thank you.



Film Athens Networking Event

Created in 2003, Film Athens is a non-profit support and networking organization that fosters the advancement of film production, distribution, and exhibition in the Athens, Georgia area. They seek to highlight Athens as an inexpensive/friendly location for feature film productions and TV commercial shoots. 

In the last 2 years the growth of the film industry in Georgia has been incredible. Georgia is now the 4th largest location for film production in the country. Figures from FY ‘08-‘09 show that Television networks, Hollywood studios, production companies and independent producers invested more than $770 million in Georgia. 

The economic impact of this investment was $1.15 billion! 

Film Athens is working with groups such as the Athens-Clarke County Public Information Office, ACC Economic Development Foundation and Athens Convention & Visitors Bureau to promote Athens as a film location for outside independent and major motion film. They also support aspiring filmmakers and the local independent film scene through workshops, networking opportunities and events such as Sprockets Music Video Competition, Project TeenScreen. 


The Film Athens Networking Event:"There are a lot more filmmakers in Athens then most people might realize. A lot of them don’t even know each other. The idea of having a networking type get together has been around for a while but it seems recently a lot of groups are coming together so the push was stronger. I am a big believer in collaborating and this is a great way to connect folks who can help each other  - even if it’s just moral support and encouragement for a project. I’m also hoping folks who are interested in learning more about the film scene in Athens and growing industry in Georgia will show up too. The stronger the film scene is in Athens, the more base we have to support a larger production coming to film in Athens. The more paying jobs we have for our local film crew, the more likely we will be able to hang on to our talented filmmakers."—Danielle Robarge, Film Athens Creator 

Come out to Hotel Indigo-Athens on Tuesday November 15 from 6:30pm-8:30pm to rub elbows with film professionals, film enthusiasts, and those hoping to break into the industry. Who knows? You may make the connection of a lifetime that leads to seeing your name in the credits of a major motion picture!

Film Athens Networking Event Facebook page.




Sasha has a playful, curious, klutzy, & hilarious personality that is completely at odds with her international supermodel looks. Our best guess is that she is a Husky/Shar-Pei mix. She loves other dogs-both large & small-and every human she meets. Sasha’s favorite workout routines include running & playing in the backyard, going to the dog park, going for leash-walks to visit the neighborhood dogs, and playing the rabbit in a game of chase with her Australian Kelpie foster sister & German Shepherd neighbor. Sasha is crate trained & house trained. She even knows how to use a doggie door! She knows “sit”, “off”, “down”, and “come”, and is working on “shake.” She loves Kongs, rawhides, and other chew toys. She follows her human from room to room when she’s not solving a puzzle (like how to get the treat out of the Kong). 

Learn about becoming Sasha’s forever family at



Steven Farmer, Director of Capital Support for the UGA Athletic Association, enjoying our new festival Fall decor! 

Steven Farmer, Director of Capital Support for the UGA Athletic Association, enjoying our new festival Fall decor! 




Rocky is a 1.5 year old black lab mix. He is the sweetest dog who wants to lay at your feet all day long. He is now potty trained, knows all the basic tricks, and is currently being crate trained. He’s a big dog who thinks he can fit in your lap! Rocky has yet to be intro ducted to any cats, but he loves all dogs and people—especially if they are interested in a good game of tug o’ war! Rocky loves to go running at least once a day, and keeps getting better on a leash! Rocky would make the perfect companion to any household!

Want to become Rocky’s forever family? Visit Athens Canine Rescue to meet him!



We love seeing tweets like this about us! It makes our whole day!
Be sure to follow us on Twitter at

We love seeing tweets like this about us! It makes our whole day!

Be sure to follow us on Twitter at



Lionel Needs Love

Lionel is a sweet boxer mix puppy who is fitting in to his foster home very well. He had a little bit of a rough start in life and came to us from Animal Control, but his upbeat attitude would never clue you in on his past. Lionel weighs 22 lbs. at about four months old, so we anticipate he’ll be a medium to big size boy when he’s all done growing. Right now, he’s very fun to watch because his body still hasn’t caught up to his long limbs.

Lionel is quite the play-boy. He has befriended all three of the resident adult dogs in his foster home and plays with all of them. He loves to pounce and wrestle! He is also discovering the joys of tennis balls, Nylabones, squeaky toys and rawhides. He is incredibly friendly, and loves to be near his human and canine friends. He is kind and wants to be friends with everyone.

Like all puppies, Lionel is learning a lot. His housebreaking is coming along well, and he’s starting to let people know when he needs to go outside. (With just the occasional accident due to too much excitement or his humans not being attentive enough.) While his crate is not his most favorite place to be, he will go into it for a treat and sleeps quietly in it through the night. He knows how to sit, and will do so before getting his food, being let out of his crate, or going out the door. He’s also working on walking on a leash- and doing well so far- and remembering to say hello to people with all four paws on the floor. He’s very much a people pleaser and highly treat motivated, so we think he’ll learn quickly. He just wants some people to love,and to play with him. He would be a great addition to any active household.

Want to provide Lionel with a loving home? Contact Athens Canine Rescue at




Franklin is beautiful puppy we rescued from the same shelter as Linus, Peanut, and Lucy. Although he’s not part of their litter he is the same age as they are and was kenneled with them in the shelter so they all think of themselves as siblings. Franklin looks like a golden retriever with an ink black coat. He lives with Linus but since his foster family lives in the same neighborhood as Lucy, they have plenty of opportunity to party together. When Franklin gets outside, he is 100% puppy! He loves to run with the big dogs and tries hard to catch up and play with them but his little legs don’t quite move fast enough yet, although that will change in just a few weeks. When he gets tired he likes to lay in the middle of the flower beds and his favorite spot is under a big hibiscus plant that gives him plenty of shade. His wavy black coat is a little dry right now but we are working to get him in better condition and he’ll soon be bright and shiny. It’s obvious that Franklin has never been an inside dog because he gets very shy in the house. He REALLY wants to please so he will do his very best to be brave but his little legs start to shake when he is unsure. We are using lots of positive reinforcement for every little action and his confidence is increasing by the day. Just yesterday, he walked up the back steps and into the house on his own without missing a step. When he realized what he had done, he pranced around like a big boy! He is right on track with his house training and will go potty outside if you take him frequently on a schedule. He is also learning to appreciate his crate and will gladly go in but often needs a human lift to come out, although he’s improving daily. Franklin loves people and will gently wag his tail any time someone comes around and talks to him. His shy, SWEET personality and good looks are sure to win the heart of some lucky family!

To become Franklin’s “forever family”, visit