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"Cloud Board" by Will Cullen Hart

“The Board Room” auction is only 46 days way! In the days leading up to the big auction, we’ll be featuring a skateboard each day. Mark your calendars because the September 9th skateboard auction at Hotel Indigo-Athens is going to be an event like no other! Follow us on Facebook for more info.


Today’s featured board is entitled “Cloud Board” by Will Cullen Hart. Will is a member of Olivia Tremor Control, an Elephant 6 collective band, playing at the GA Theater this Thursday. Find more information here.

We are so excited to have Shane & Sherry from the Shanghai International Studies University with us this week shadowing our staff! Here is Shane with our Catering Sales Manager, Abby Hicks. 

We are so excited to have Shane & Sherry from the Shanghai International Studies University with us this week shadowing our staff! Here is Shane with our Catering Sales Manager, Abby Hicks. 



The Beards of Comedy return to The Rialto Room at Hotel Indigo-Athens on July 9, 2012. Tickets available here.

The Beards of Comedy return to The Rialto Room at Hotel Indigo-Athens on July 9, 2012. Tickets available here.



A Deserving Day



Gorgeous wedding photo taken at Hotel Indigo-Athens by Melissa Pepin.

Gorgeous wedding photo taken at Hotel Indigo-Athens by Melissa Pepin.




Larry is a low-rider and our best guess on his mix is bulldog and pug. What a great mix! He is right at 25 pounds and around 2 years old so he is a perfect size, shape and age! He is a gentle boy that looks a bit like a tough guy – but don’t let that fool you – he is a total sweetheart!

He is still learning housebreaking and crate training, but has pretty much picked up on them both. He will run right to the door as soon as he comes out of his crate, so we think he is very smart and a quick learner!

Larry lives with other dogs in his foster home and he seems to really like them! He is curious and seems to really want to play. He hasn’t totally opened up yet, but we will keep you posted if he turns into a good playmate! While he doesn’t play yet, he is very tolerant and happy to be with the other dogs (big and small). If things get to crazy, Larry will just go and chill out under a shady tree!

Larry is submissive to both people and dogs. He really wants to get lots of love from people but is very careful about asking for it and gently gives kisses. Right now he is nervous in new situations (like riding in the car) and will look to his foster family for comfort – it took about 10 minutes for him to fall in love with them! Once he realizes you are there to love him then he is a total marshmallow. He will work his itty bitty legs and jump up to sit next to you.

He is a relatively low energy dog. He would do great with a few walks a day and a backyard to explore. He likes to sniff and investigate and then will come back to lie at your feet when he’s tired or hot.

Larry’s cute underbite and his short little legs won us over immediately!  When he gets excited he prances back and forth and then will get running and his legs just work so hard. You cannot help but smile when you see him run because he is so low(and kinda slow) but he has a blast! He has an easy going, chill personality and we believe he could adapt to any home! Underneath that touch guy exterior is a big softy that will run(really slow)and play during the day and snuggle(and snore) on the bed at night!

Become Larry’s forever family by visiting




Micah is hound mix puppy that is only around 8 pound right now, but he’ll grow to be 40-50 pounds!

He is coming right along with housebreaking and crate training. He’s got a good schedule going, and only wakes up his foster sister, Keira, once a night! Micah is a little shy around other dogs, but is very curious. He is great friends with Keira, so with just a little time to introduce himself, he will be fast friends with any dog! Around new people he is also a little shy. He wants to be close to people but is still a little shy about asking to be petted. We know that as soon as he learns that everyone wants to pet him, he won’t be so shy!

Micah has the normal amount of puppy energy, and plays quite a bit with Keira. As he grows, he will probably need more walks, etc to get rid of all the energy, just like any puppy.  He is learning all the basic commands, and learning puppy things as well – like toys are the only thing for chewing. The cutest thing about Micah is that he wags his tail so hard, it makes a loud thumping noise against his body! He almost was named Thumper because of it!

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Maggie is a gorgeous, sweet, and super smart pointer mix!  She is a very athletic dog and would make an amazing running or walking partner. In her previous home, she lived with a person that enjoyed running so she has been trained as a jogging buddy. She has even been taught to run on the left side and to sit when the runner stops (she can also run/walk beautifully with a stroller). She knows basic commands such as sit, lay down, etc. and has completed a basic obedience class.

People are very important to Maggie and she bonds very closely to those around her. If Maggie had her way, she would never have to be apart from her family (she searches for her people when they walk away because she really wants to be close 24/7). She gets a little excited and busy in new situations but relaxes when she knows things are good. She really wants to be with you all the time but she is crate trained and crates easily with a cookie or a bone.

Maggie responds very well to commands and does well with other dogs. She is a very social dog and enjoys spending time with canine buddies and will play, play, play. Her favorite thing is to play fetch with a tennis ball and she will chase it as long as someone will throw the ball (she always brings it back and drops it at your feet). She lives with Colbie and several other dogs and they LOVE each other. Maggie is a girl that needs space to stretch her legs, so a fence is something she will need in her new home as well as an owner committed to exercising her and keeping her mentally and physically stimulated.

She is very sweet and loving and really loves to kiss and snuggle with her people. She would love some kids in her life but they need to be old enough to handle a playful, energetic dog in their space. Maggie would be ideal for an active household looking for a constant companion to make life fun and interesting. Maggie is very fond of people so her new home needs to be ready for a sweet girl that thinks she is a lapdog. She will share her thoughts and feelings with you (through play, snuggle time, and some necessary barks) and in return, she wants your love, patience, and kindness as she shares all her wonderful (and silly) ways each day!

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A beautiful evening wedding set-up in the Hotel Indigo-Athens courtyard.

See more photos from weddings at Hotel Indigo-Athens on our Pinterest page.




Keira is a lab mix puppy that will be around 40 pounds when she’s all done growing.

She is learning housebreaking and crate training and is doing great with both! She will sleep through the night but her foster brother, Micah, wakes her up sometimes and then they both go out. Soon they will both be sleeping like babies all night long!

Keira is good with the cats in her house and she is having a blast playing with Micah! She has the typical puppy energy and is doing well at burning it off on her own. She is taking a few short walks a day to get used to the leash and is doing well with some short training sessions too. She seems to have a good interest in the game of fetch!

Come meet Keira soon – she will probably roll right over for some belly rubs and then snuggle right up for some love!

Want to give Keira a “forever home”? Find out how at