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Keira is a lab mix puppy that will be around 40 pounds when she’s all done growing.

She is learning housebreaking and crate training and is doing great with both! She will sleep through the night but her foster brother, Micah, wakes her up sometimes and then they both go out. Soon they will both be sleeping like babies all night long!

Keira is good with the cats in her house and she is having a blast playing with Micah! She has the typical puppy energy and is doing well at burning it off on her own. She is taking a few short walks a day to get used to the leash and is doing well with some short training sessions too. She seems to have a good interest in the game of fetch!

Come meet Keira soon – she will probably roll right over for some belly rubs and then snuggle right up for some love!

Want to give Keira a “forever home”? Find out how at




Rocky is a 1.5 year old black lab mix. He is the sweetest dog who wants to lay at your feet all day long. He is now potty trained, knows all the basic tricks, and is currently being crate trained. He’s a big dog who thinks he can fit in your lap! Rocky has yet to be intro ducted to any cats, but he loves all dogs and people—especially if they are interested in a good game of tug o’ war! Rocky loves to go running at least once a day, and keeps getting better on a leash! Rocky would make the perfect companion to any household!

Want to become Rocky’s forever family? Visit Athens Canine Rescue to meet him!