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We’re LOVING this new music video from UGA student, Emily Hearn. It features beautiful scenery, fabulous vocals, and BILL MURRAY? We think she’s definitely about to hit the big time.

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Music video for “Rooftop” by Emily Hearn.

She is a UGA student and a fantastic singer. I’ve seen her perform a few times in Athens and this is her first official music video. And look! Bill Murray is in it.



The Burning Angels

Last week you met musician Kate Morrissey, now today is the day to meet The Burning Angels! This quintessential southern band will be providing live music for the lucky guests of “Network Athens: Celebrating Local Business” this Wednesday (January 27) from 7-9pm in The Rialto Room at Hotel Indigo-Athens. 

"Born from pure americana soul”, The Burning Angels have been traveling since January 2010, making eardrums blissfully happy everywhere they visit with a unique mixture of rock, country, and the good old fashioned jam band style. When the powerful musical forces of Mark Cunningham, Natalie Garcia, Neal Canup, Adam Poulin are joined they create a sound that is rivaled by no other band. Join us on Wednesday night at the “Network Athens” party from 7-9pm for your chance to enjoy one of Athens’ shiniest musical gems and meet some of Athens’ finest business owners!

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Kate Morrissey

Hotel Indigo-Athens is proud to be the chosen venue for the Network Athens “Celebrating Local Business” Party on Wednesday January 26 from 7-9pm! This wonderful event will include light hors d’oeuvres, drink specials, prizes, special guests, and live music from very talented Athens’ musician Kate Morrissey, as well as the wonderful band known as The Burning Angels. In preparation for the event, we wanted to give you a taste of both musical acts! Keep reading and get to know more about the extremely talented, Kate Morrissey. 

Kate Morrissey sang before she talked.  It’s true.  Ask her parents,
true products of the heartland—they never lie.

Wanting to cultivate her love of music and perhaps to warn her of the
difficulties of a musical life, they invited a songwriter to live with
them when Kate and her twin sister were in third grade with the
agreement that this person would teach them to play the piano.
Although explicit lessons were never given, Kate got the message and
started writing songs put to piano.  She released her first tape,
entitled “The Blue Tape” due to its electric blue label, between her
eighth grade and freshman year.  Where did she get the money?  Her
twin sister, who had not gotten the message to write songs, had gotten
the message that music and generosity go together and had asked that
all guests to their birthday party contribute money to the project,
taking no birthday presents for herself.  Yes, this all really

And so, two more tapes and three cd albums later, Kate had played her
way through college, touring around Wisconsin, South Dakota, Iowa and
then a bit in Pennsylvania during graduate school.  She followed her
love of music and her spouse out to Athens, Georgia, the warm and
fertile soil in which she would find a band with whom to play.

Besides playing blues and jazz with Charlie King, Johnny Norris had
been languidly looking for a band.  To his surprise, Kate was good.
He pestered her until a band was born.

Which brings us to the present time, in which Kate and her drummer
guitarist Johnny Norris prepare to play at Hotel Indigo, a venue whose
patio and fancy popcorn they have come to love.

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