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Larry is a low-rider and our best guess on his mix is bulldog and pug. What a great mix! He is right at 25 pounds and around 2 years old so he is a perfect size, shape and age! He is a gentle boy that looks a bit like a tough guy – but don’t let that fool you – he is a total sweetheart!

He is still learning housebreaking and crate training, but has pretty much picked up on them both. He will run right to the door as soon as he comes out of his crate, so we think he is very smart and a quick learner!

Larry lives with other dogs in his foster home and he seems to really like them! He is curious and seems to really want to play. He hasn’t totally opened up yet, but we will keep you posted if he turns into a good playmate! While he doesn’t play yet, he is very tolerant and happy to be with the other dogs (big and small). If things get to crazy, Larry will just go and chill out under a shady tree!

Larry is submissive to both people and dogs. He really wants to get lots of love from people but is very careful about asking for it and gently gives kisses. Right now he is nervous in new situations (like riding in the car) and will look to his foster family for comfort – it took about 10 minutes for him to fall in love with them! Once he realizes you are there to love him then he is a total marshmallow. He will work his itty bitty legs and jump up to sit next to you.

He is a relatively low energy dog. He would do great with a few walks a day and a backyard to explore. He likes to sniff and investigate and then will come back to lie at your feet when he’s tired or hot.

Larry’s cute underbite and his short little legs won us over immediately!  When he gets excited he prances back and forth and then will get running and his legs just work so hard. You cannot help but smile when you see him run because he is so low(and kinda slow) but he has a blast! He has an easy going, chill personality and we believe he could adapt to any home! Underneath that touch guy exterior is a big softy that will run(really slow)and play during the day and snuggle(and snore) on the bed at night!

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Rocket is a two year old Pit mix with all the charms one associates with his Pit Bull parts – affectionate, outgoing, and funny!  We don’t know where his other parts come from, but his relaxed nature must be due to the mystery genes.  Rocket got his name from the high powered happy dance he does while waiting for dinner or greeting his people when they come home!  Otherwise, he’s got just the right amount of energy for a dog who’s moving from teenagerhood to adulthood.  He loves to play with other dogs and lives happily with other dogs in his foster home.  He’s fine with kids (including a severely disabled one) and loves to meet new people.  He adapts quickly and easily to new situations, so he’d be a fine dog to travel with – especially by car!  Rocket hasn’t spent all his life as a house dog so he’s learning housebreaking at the moment, but it is going very well and very quickly.  He’s also learning basic commands and is a clever student.  Rocket is a fun guy, looking for a fun family, whether it’s made up of one person or twenty!

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Peaches is a 1 year old Chihuahua that weighs 8 ½ pounds.  If you are looking for a lap dog then Peaches is the dog for you!  Being in your lap is her favorite place to be.  If you’re busy, though, she’s content to curl up in a soft chair until you are available.  Peaches is tolerant of other dogs and is not intimidated by larger breeds.  She will play with dogs about her size for a short time, but she prefers her human companions.  Peaches likes to go on walks but is so excited to be out that she does pull on the leash.  If she’s walking with another dog, she wants to take the lead.  Peaches is perfecting her house-training and crate behavior.  She’s a little girl with lots of love.  Her name suits her because she’s a real peach!

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Roodie Needs a Home

Roodie is a 1 year old retriever mix that has been through some hard times in his short life. He was picked up by animal control and it was immediately clear that he had not been treated well by the people around him. For whatever reason, his gorgeous red coat had been cut short - most likely to remove severe mats due to neglect. His shave down was done in a crude way. He had patches of fur left on him but other areas were shaved bald…he was not a pretty picture. As bad as his coat looked, it was the least of Roodie’s problems. His left eye was very infected, swollen, and he obviously had no sight left.

He was taken to the vet and put on a heavy dose of antibiotics and ointments in an effort to save the eye. Despite all these roadblocks, Roodie became a staff favorite at animal control due to his sweet nature and goofy personality. He has been in foster care for several weeks while we continued the treatment of his eye. During his last vet appointment, a decision was made to remove his eye so it would not continue to cause him pain and discomfort. Even though his body has been fighting this infection, his temperament has remained friendly, outgoing, and AMAZING!! You would never know anything was bothering him because he keeps a happy attitude and a playful spirit all the time.

He lives with dogs of all shapes and sizes and wants to play with everyone and everything (even the grouchy older dogs that want nothing to do with him). He has never gotten angry or shown frustration with the eye treatment but has remained a truly happy boy! The awful haircut he received before being rescued is beginning to fill in and his coat should be a rich cinnamon color when grown out. Even though he still faces his surgery to remove his eye, Roodie deserves some attention right now! He has proven himself to be a dog that does not hold grudges but desires all the love and attention he can get. He would be a perfect dog for a family with kids because he wants to get as close to people as possible.

I see a happy future for this special boy filled with dog parks, canine companions, and lots of yummy treats! Roodie will be happy to repay anyone that loves him with sweet kisses, special snuggles, and a lifetime of tail wags!

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He’s Got Spunk!

Enzo is a spunky Chihuahua mix! He is a small little guy with a huge personality. Enzo enjoys playing with dogs of all sizes and will also hang with the kitties in his foster home. He is the perfect size to take everywhere with you! Do not miss out on this sweet boy. :)

Are you a spunky human in need of a pup with a matching personality? Then Enzo is the dog for you! Contact True Love Canine Rescue at (706)206-7127 or check out their website at for more information!